Navigate Recovery LIFELINE Program  

Navigate Recovery Gwinnett is on the fore front of addiction services in Gwinnett! Introducing LIFELINE, a ground breaking service designed to meet those suffering from addiction and their families on the front lines where it matters most.



Navigate LIFELINE, a new initiative collaborating with hospitals Emergency Departments and medical providers.  Navigate LIFELINE will connect opiate overdose (or high risk for overdose) and other addiction or alcohol related patients in the hospital and the Emergency Departments (ED) with Peer to Peer Recovery Support Coaches, every day 24/7.

When called, the peer recovery coach will:

  • Respond to the ED within 30 minutes
  • Link individuals to clinical services such as treatment and recovery resources
  • Provide education on overdose prevention
  • Provide additional resources to patients and their family members
  • Provide follow up and continued services to all who have received services in the ED or acute care

In some cases, overdose survivors were participating in a treatment program prior to overdose.  Navigate LIFELINE coaches will try to reintroduce the survivor to their previous program.  This motivates the survivor towards a deeper commitment to recovery.  This is also an opportunity to introduce the survivor to additional recovery pathways if appropriate.

Navigate LIFELINE anticipates keeping overdose survivors engaged in recovery supports. Navigate LIFELINE connects survivors with the support and resources they need to become well again. Those that accept the services ongoing after the visit to the ED or acute care will be followed throughout the year.  

The recovery coach will arrive within 30 minutes and provide a coaching session that will explore the patient’s options for treatment, detox, recovery housing, recovery centers, continued recovery coaching and meeting sites. During the session the recovery coach will ask if the patient would like to continue services and make plans for follow up check in the next day. All of those seen will be added to continued support services if they so choose.                                                                                                                       

Learn more about our Navigate LIFELINE Program, or any of the other services that Navigate Recovery provides we encourage you to contact our Executive Director, Susan Barge at

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