Addiction and Recovery: Holidays are a Hard Time

Holidays can be a painful time for addicts and their families. The memories of years past—sometimes more like nightmares—can induce fear and stress. Resentments may make families anything but happy to gather together.

The expectations we set for ourselves or the glowing portrayals we see on television often bear no resemblance to real life, leading to disappointment. These issues, along with the party atmosphere that many holiday celebrations entail, can trigger a desire to act out. It’s a vicious cycle that feeds into insecurities and threatens sobriety.

Navigate Recovery offers these suggestions for staying focused and finding peace throughout your upcoming holiday season:

Find something to be grateful for each day. Recognize those moments of joy. Hold onto that gratitude by writing it down.
Stay in the moment. Avoid dwelling on past hurts or future worries. Acknowledge those normal feelings and let them pass.
Serve others: Receiving is delightful, but true fulfillment comes from giving. Avoid becoming too self-focused, and find something to give your holidays a deeper meaning. Help someone less fortunate—or make it really count and serve someone you resent. It’s easier said than done, but it could be powerful step on your healing journey.
Be ready to run if you find yourself in an unsafe situation. No one needs to take the blame. Just keep your sobriety and recovery first. If you need help, reach out.

We at Navigate Recovery Gwinnett pray your holidays will be a blessed season filled with peace.