Without treatment, addiction shatters
lives and destroys families.

We help navigate the path forward.


Why don’t we treat it that way?

The RACE is ON!

2016 Run for Recovery

Saturday September 24th, 2016

8:00 AM Thrasher Park, Norcross, GA

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The impact is felt daily in our Gwinnett County community.

The impact of addiction is felt daily in our Gwinnett County community.

In 5 years, a
rise in Heroin Related deaths

in the past decade,
DUI arrests

An estimated
with a drug or alcohol problem

The problem is big and growing ever larger by the day. But lasting, healing change is possible, and we can help.


Navigate Recovery is Gwinnett’s only community recovery organization dedicated to transforming the way we treat addiction.


Our current system of care for addiction is fragmented, disconnected and broken.




It's a chronic condition, yet in spite of scientific evidence and studies, our system of care continues to treat it as an acute illness, much like we would treat someone with a common cold or broken arm or leg.

our goal

... is to create a sustainable community environment that promotes a continuum of care for addiction sufferers and their families, helping them maintain wellness over the long term and improve outcomes.

It’s time to change the way we approach addiction in our community.



Navigate Recovery Gwinnett is your partner throughout the recovery journey, helping individuals and families—our neighbors, coworkers, friends and relatives—connect to resources and services they need to obtain wellness and make it last.


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