Candace K.

Candace-K-Photo-1I grew up in a home where there was heavy alcohol abuse. When I married, I parented my own children with a great deal of fear and control. When our oldest child turned 15, she became increasingly rebellious and out of control. My response was to control more and become more rigid. This did not work for her, for me or the rest of the family, and it was taking a toll on my marriage. I did not know any other way.

When our daughter began using drugs and running away, we knew she needed help—our whole family needed help, too. Within the next year of hell in our home, she was put on probation for numerous runaway violations and eventually was committed to a drug treatment center for a year.

By the grace of God, my husband and I understood that our daughter’s problems involved our whole family, and the program she was involved in required us to attend recovery meetings ourselves. We both began going to Celebrate Recovery and started to deal with our own issues.

Until this point, I did not recognize the many things in my life that were so messed up and how much dysfunction I carried from my family of origin into my relationship with my husband, my children, and other relationships. Before I began attending recovery meetings, I honestly thought it was all my husband’s fault that our daughter was having so many problems.

Recovery helped me understand and deal with my own co-dependent behavior and learn different, healthier ways to communicate with people. I am able to set healthy boundaries and now take responsibility for the things I am accountable for, while not assuming responsibility for those things that aren’t mine to uphold. This allowed me to develop honest, healthy and meaningful relationships.

I support Navigate Recovery because I know there are many other families in trouble like we were. Navigate Recovery understands the importance of helping people find support, connecting them with others in the community and to the resources necessary to live and maintain a sober life. They also understand that addiction affects the entire family and requires treating the whole family. I will continue supporting Navigate Recovery because they are people who have experienced firsthand the problems of personal and family addiction and are passionate about guiding others to clean, sober and fulfilling lives.

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